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Clean beauty and hair products are becoming more and more of a thing and I’m not mad at it. Obviously, I’m not some “clean” beauty and hair expert. I don’t think any of us are, but I try! We are all evolving with the times and adopting new, healthier ways along the way. I’m happy to start incorporating more non-toxic items into my routine but I must admit that its hard. It feels like a full-time job! There are many wannabe brands still out there.

When you find a product that is clean and works for you… you hold on to it for dear life!

I think social media has helped us see brands for what they really are. I do think that, as a community, we’re able to comb through a wealth of reviews and we’re able to receive more valuable and honest feedback about the products that we use ourselves; we have each other’s backs. I think it speaks volumes when a brand is able to present a clean product! 

I was one of those who took a long time to transition to the Clean Hair & Beauty side. Once you’re there, you can’t go back! 

As soon as you pour Hair Food Organics Coconut Oil and Dragon Fruit shampoo & conditioner into your hands, you feel the difference, It’s light weight and the texture is nice And smooth. It doesn’t feel like its been cut with a variety of chemicals. This collection contains:

0 % sulfates

0 % parabens 

0 % dyes

0 % silicones

0 % mineral oil

NSF has certified that this collection consists of 70% of organic ingredients. Additionally, for all of the animal lovers out there, you should also know that its PETA certified to be Cruelty Free.

I allowed my hair to air dry several times in order to give all of you an honest review. My hair has never felt so bouncy, light, and full of life! The added body makes me feel as though I have more hair! I never realized how toxic shampoos were having such adverse effects. Like I said previously, once you cross over, theres no reason to go back.

Hair Food Organics is inspired by clean, simple, kitchen-crafted recipes… How yummy does that sound? They believe that what you put on your hair is as important as what you eat! Now, that’s a motto that I can live by! You can find the collection at select Costco stories and online!


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