It took many bumps in the road to get to the point at which I love myself the way that I do today. I have made many mistakes and chose the easy way out; “surgery”. I thought surgery would make me feel prettier and solve many of the problems that I was facing in my life and relationship. Hoping that it would make my boyfriend at the time stop cheating; since I would now have the “big ass” he was constantly being distracted by in the streets. I believed at the time it was going to solve all my self-esteem issues that were in me from an early age.

Today I know, surgery only provides temporary satisfaction. I say temporary, because you become addicted to it. It provides you with temporary satisfaction until you find the next thing that you want to have “fixed.”  I didn’t know then how beautiful I was naturally. To be honest, I wish I could take it all back and I’m sure i’m not the only one.

I also feel that not having my mom or dad around made these choices (plastic surgery) so much easier to make. For example, if I had mom/dad, they probably would have advised me not to do it and would have gone over all of the pros and cons, which I did not consider. I’m sure they would have scared me to death with all the things that could go wrong, which did go wrong.

I believe you should get plastic surgery for the right reasons, in which there is only one reason; you. You should not get plastic surgery for a man, not for others acceptance nor for confidence.  The majority of us do it for all of the wrong reasons and to avoid an emptiness that can only be filled by self love. I believe you need to love yourself the way that you are first, and then you may look into enhancing anything that you might still feel needs help.

One thing I also don’t think a lot of us consider is how these physical changes might affect our daily life. Some of us have made physical changes that do not match our line of work, or personalities. I wish someone would have advised me how every male would look at me after surgery. I wish I would’ve known how I would form into a stereotype, which would end up bothering me for the rest of my life. I wish I would have known, then, that I was transforming my body into something that I am not and that from that day forward, I would have to prove that to anyone I met.

Many people want to know your surgery journey. I believe it’s very personal and for the most part not satisfactory story to tell.  It’s a very sensitive subject that not everyone is OK reliving or sharing. They are many reasons why. The reason I am sharing this is because you need to understand that surgery is not the answer to many of our insecurities; self love is. I am also saying this because I believe that all of these things should be taken in consideration before making any drastic decisions. Sometimes we are so insecure that we wear these blinders. I am here to tell you that the grass it’s not always greener on the other side. Having a perfect body has its perks, but it also has its cons.  You should be in a positive place in your life to be able to make a decision that will remain with you for the rest of your life.



Don’t ever doubt your WORTH & Natural Beauty!


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