If there is a thing to live by, it’s that the world keeps spinning. Today I might be in a better position than you, but tomorrow you might be the one helping me and the one lending me a hand. Therefore, you must stay humble and help others when you can. I believe in kindness and not in explainable coincidences.  I believe most people can see through the bullshit and recognize “real”; a good pure heart. Who doesn’t appreciate real? Everyone does, and you will be surprise how far being real can take you in life. In an era where everyone pretends to be someone they aren’t, realness and pureness will be appreciated. Sometimes, your best and only uniqueness, is being you. Therefore, be the best and the realest you, you can be.

Most people have advantages and strengths over others. I believe we should recognize what we are great at and work on enhancing these qualities.  If by any chance you happen to have more knowledge on anything more than others, share it. Don’t be greedy, be kind. God will make sure to repay you in ways in which you could never imagine. It’s sometimes sad to be living in the era that we are currently live in, where everyone is on their own and if something doesn’t have any monetary benefit; they’re are uninterested. I enjoy sharing the little bit of knowledge that I have without obtaining any financial gain. It makes me feel like I have a purpose; because we all do. I want to help others. I want to be the hand in which I wish I had when I started.

Not all of us have been as fortunate to have been exposed to the right people, to be at the right place at the right time, to have gone to elite schools, to grow up with mentors by our sides, let alone with our parent’s guidance. Some of us have been lost in this world, and we have wasted all our energy on basic survival skills. Some of us have been thrown to a pack of hungry wolves just to see if we can make it out. A lot of us have worked hard for years. Some of us have had to concentrate on one thing only; growing and making it out of the hood.

But, along the way, we found a different meaning to life, or a different high to life; helping others witch to some of us fills our empty hearts.

I believe that the way god repays everything good you do in this world is by creating these so called “explainable coincidences” in your life; the ones we call “being at the right place at the right time”. I believe every single time I have met someone that has help me get to the next level in my life, was through the process of helping someone else. I am a true believer that when someone else is able to see the pureness of your spirit, it opens up another door in their brain that they might have been shelter to protect themselves.

In so many instances, I have been doing something beneficial to others, but I was the one to be exposed to “right” people; because they saw the potential.  One of the reasons why I started sharing my journey and being more public about my life was because I wanted to share anything and everything that could help improve someone’s life. at first, I was sharing it because It was fun, and to show people a little bit of who I really am. The last thing I was expecting was the amazing feedback and support.


A lot of people that I grew up with have questioned the reason as to why I get so much attention or how I have been able to get so ahead in life. Social media has open doors for people to express their opinions about others, and I’m not the exception. A good amount of people has expressed that I am just another regular girl. And, honestly, I am. But, I have never have had to fight for attention. Attention has followed me or has been given to me because of who I am.  I wouldn’t even describe it as far as attention, to me its love and appreciation for real. I’ve always said the following, “to know me, is to love me”. I know my heart is pure and everyone around me knows that. I honestly believe that the reason why I am less likely to be overlooked is because that has never been my focus. Even when my intentions are seen as otherwise all I have wanted is to be loved and accepted by everyone that knows me and is a part of my life.  Being loved and searching for that love in people has been my biggest downfall, until now. I believe I have discovered something greater than anything I have ever experienced.

Everyone has an inner light through which they are able to touch others.  Anyone that knows me will define me as raw and extra. When I was younger and wasn’t as confident and comfortable with myself. Therefore, I tried to change that. I tried for years to control who I am. Until I noticed that it’s what makes me unique. Today, I have learned to embrace all of my qualities even the ones I’m not so proud of. I have finally managed to connect these strengths with other parts of me that shine; I have figured myself out. I have accepted myself for who I am. It has allowed my inner light to shine and complete itself.  Sharing my light with others allows me to shine even brighter. In a world where everyone is fighting to outshine the next person, its refreshing to just be genuine; and that takes you to places.

I’m never going to be the type of person who pretend she is perfect . I’m far from it. I have  many areas in which I need improvement on. Im open to failure, I’m open to learning and to keep growing. 

Now I love when someone refers to me as raw!


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