Olay was the first skincare line I ever purchased. Growing up my relationship with Olay started with loving their body wash. Olay was the only skincare brand I was  exposed to courtesy of my mom and aunts.  They all swore by Olay! In the Dominican Republic, Olay was very popular, highly advertised and not to mention, affordable. When I moved to the US in my teen years, I started to be more conscious of my skin. I wondered, “When is the right time to start taking care of my skin?” Needless to say,  my
skin care journey began in my early 20’s.

Years later, here I am receiving the most grand package from Olay! Having had the opportunity to try a variety of their products, I will share with you my thoughts and feelings about all of their amazing line.

So lets begin my review…

The epitome of my skincare routine is and will always be my night-time regimen. I have never used an overnight mask before; there were many things that I was afraid of (which is a natural feeling got something new). I was wondered how long I had to leave the mask on for before going to bed? Would it end up dirtying my sheets? What if I didn’t like the overall consistency of the overnight mask? I enjoy products that feel light, non sticky and moisturizing. Olay’s Overnight Gel Masks alleviated these concerns..

I personally feel that the creation of the overnight mask in general is pretty revolutionary and perfect for our era. We are living in an era in which we are constantly on the move and struggling to fit things into our schedule. We barely have the time for self-care let alone real time to take care of our skin. I find that any type of mask is hard to stay consistent with because of how time consuming it can be.  Olay’s Overnight Gel Masks just made all of our lives easier and our skins happier without breaking the bank!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve started using three of Olay’s overnight masks; Hydrating formula with Vitamin E, Brightening with Vitamin C, and Firming with Vitamin A.

The packaging is colored but to my surprise the masks were transparent upon application and super absorbing. I’m sure Zack appreciated that I didn’t look like the joker while going to bed with him. My sheets were the same as when I went to bed and woke up, thankfully. All three exceeded my expectations. Each of these masks have a specific purpose (as mentioned above), so no matter what your skin is going through, or what stage in life your in, Olay has you covered! The colder months are a great time to experiment with various skin care products. Finding the perfect balances help to put our minds at ease while braving the harsh winter elements.

I personally feel that the “perfect winter mask” regime can be achieved by using a combination of the Olay Power Couple along with any of the Vitamin C Scrubs.

I want my skin to be forever glowing, looking fresh, and most of all, young!

As I’m welcoming my early 30’s and beginning to wear less make up; my skin has taken center stage.  it’s important for me to feel confident about my skin and for me to feel that I’m doing everything I can to help with the aging process.

This blog post has been sponsored by Olay.


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